Positive Surprise - It Changes Everything

Here are a few of the unusual ways we go out of our way to provide you with a positive surprise:

  • The power of positive surprise — We hope to create a sense of
    astonishment, amazement, or plain old relief whenever you need a special favor from your printer. We call it the power of positive surprise.
  • We'll work late, so you don't have to — Got a really big job? No problem. We'll work late and start early if we need to. That's why the early morning crew at the local coffeeshop knows us by name.
  • We answer the phone — OK, it sounds simple, but you're too
    important to us to put you through the hassle of using an "automated attendant" phone system. Since you're a real person, we figure it's only right that you get to talk to a real person when you call. By the way, when you call, somebody nice will always answer.
  • Honest counts ... with a few extras — How do you really know you're getting the 5,000 brochures you just paid for? With some print providers, you don't. We provide accurate counts, and then... we give you a few extras, just to say thanks.
  • Happy employees — Have you ever seen a company with unhappy employees who had happy customers? Neither have we.